Why I am afraid to open my mouth

Disclaimer: I owe much of the content in the middle and end to J.K.Rowling; the creator of the Harry Potter series.

The actual content:

Every time I open my mouth

I enter a whole new world

A world full of uncertainty

A world full of anxiety

A world full of fear

I hestitate to take a step forward

Lest I should be plunged

Down a steep, bottomless cliff

Lest I should be submerged

In an ocean deeper than the Pacific

Lest I should slip

And slowly sink in a quagmire

Full of rotting green slime

Every time I open my mouth

I am consumed

By an impending sense of doom

Hardly noticed by anyone

A cold steals over the surroundings

Followed by a rotting stench

Out of the gloom

Two hideous figures appear

Wearing long black cloaks

As they glide towards me

Hope swiftly drains out of me

Just like the water in the sink

When the plunger is pulled

My worst memories

Till now, dormant and buried

In a crevice

Deep inside the back of my head

Slowly creep up to the surface

And eat away at my spirit

Leaving me resigned

To the worst catastrophe possible

However, just as a candle flame

Burns the brightest before dying out

I dig into my deepest reserves

And summon one of my happiest memories

Before plunging my hand into my pocket

And whipping out my wand

To cast the Patronus charm

However, just as I open my mouth

I mumble and stammer

The Dementors pounce

Upon my fear and uncertainty

And place their filthy hands over my chest

A clammy cold, followed by a rotting stench

Overwhelms me completely

And I lose all my willpower

And wave a white flag

As I succumb to the Dementor’s Kiss

And my soul is sucked out

Through my mouth

Which I was rightly afraid to open

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