True Friendship Never Dies

Yet another poem dedicated to my best friend Tamil, who is also a family friend. Here goes the content:

It is you who told me

That, when it comes to romance

Things may not always end well

However, true friendship never dies

We met as colleagues

More than nine years ago

Colleagues soon became friends

And as of today, you are not just a friend

But also a family member

I have helped you

More times than I can count

You have also helped me

In many a crisis situation

Of course, we’ve also fought

However, as you say

This is part and parcel of friendship

And I want to let you know

That I will always be there for you

Also, I will never fail to consult you

Before making difficult decisions

If you are ever upset with me

I know that it is because you care so deeply about me

Not many women maintain a strong friendship with men after marriage

But you are a notable exception

Please remain the way you are

I will end on this note

Our relationship is proof

That true friendship never dies

Share your views please ! :)

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