You Are Not Just My Cousin

Poem dedicated to one of my closest cousins, Priyanka. Here goes the content: Technically, you are my cousin However, in reality, you are far more than that You have been putting up with my messages Every single day For the last one month or so And it’s not like you have a lot of free…Read more You Are Not Just My Cousin

True Friendship Never Dies

Yet another poem dedicated to my best friend Tamil, who is also a family friend. Here goes the content: It is you who told me That, when it comes to romance Things may not always end well However, true friendship never dies We met as colleagues More than nine years ago Colleagues soon became friends…Read more True Friendship Never Dies

Remember Those Days?

This is a poem dedicated to Tamil, a family friend. Here is the content: Remember those days, when we used to be colleagues? We always went to office together And returned home together as well I would come to your hostel Driving my trusty Suzuki Swish125 And take you to office Once, when we were…Read more Remember Those Days?