Remember Those Days?

This is a poem dedicated to Tamil, a family friend. Here is the content:

Remember those days, when we used to be colleagues?

We always went to office together

And returned home together as well

I would come to your hostel

Driving my trusty Suzuki Swish125

And take you to office

Once, when we were on the way

A funny incident happened

I had a tiff with a traffic cop

And it was really sweet

The way you tried to apologise on my behalf

Anyway, at office, you were the life of the party

Your stories and jokes proved to be stressbusters

As far as lunch was concerned, anything was okay with you

Except lemon rice, for which I teased you a few times

Also, I found it funny

That you always called me on the office landline

When asking me to come down for lunch

Or announcing that it was time to leave office

I mean, it was obviously a waste of money

But something I found cute, nevertheless

Sometimes, when we were on the way home

We would stop somewhere

KFC, Mc Donald’s or a bakery

And have snacks and coffee

While discussing our troubles

Both work and personal

Eventually, office politics caught up with us

But we were always crystal clear

That we were brother and sister

In fact, our bond grew by leaps and bounds

When you joined another company

You soon became a family friend

And even after I shifted to Mumbai

We continued to chat every week

And you always turned to me

Whenever you needed help at work

The best part of our relationship was

That things didn’t change even after you got married

When my mother and I came to your wedding

We found your family to be extremely hospitable

In fact, Amma felt your father was quite innocent

It was thus extremely sad

When he passed away merely a year later

Anyway, coming back to our relationship

Lifting your son on his first birthday

Was one of the happiest moments of my life

And what added to the charm

Was the fact you teased me

For struggling to lift him

Eventually, it was my turn to get married

However, it turned out to be a disaster

And it was you that saved me

Of course, along with the help of my family

Anyway, I am really sorry

That I refused to listen to your advice

Because I was blinded by my love for my wife

Who tried to turn me against you

However, you took it in your stride

And stood firm, like the Rock of Gibraltar

Determined to save me, no matter what

In the process, you also ensured

That my family and I grew closer

Especially as far as my father and sister were concerned

Recently, you again helped me in a crisis

And as you told me once before

You are not a friend

You are a family member

And as I fondly look back on our relationship

Which has spanned a glorious nine years

I wish I could turn the clock back one last time

And go to office with you

On my trusty old scooter

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