Cousins Can Be Close Friends Too

This is a poem dedicated to my cousin sister Priyanka. Here is the content:

We may not be siblings

Nor do we speak very frequently

But you must know this

You are special to me, in your own way

As a sister

As a friend

As an advisor

And finally

As a confidante

Thanks to your easygoing and amiable nature

You gel well with everyone

And I find it easy to confide in you

Whatever issues I usually face

Whether it be work or personal stuff

I remember one particular occasion

When I was in my second job

And going through an extremely stressful period

Then I had a call with you

For about half an hour

You were a really good listener

As well as a shoulder to cry on

Most importantly, you helped me understand things

From a different perspective

Consequently, I felt as if a great weight had been lifted off my chest

And was able to sleep peacefully that night

Without worrying about going to office the next day

Another quality that I admire about you

Is your patience and fortitude

Which allows me to go on a rant every now and then

How you manage to put up with all my rants

When you have two kids to take care of

Is something that beats me, frankly speaking

Anyway, our relationship is living proof

That cousins can be close friends too

And I am exceedingly lucky

To have you as a sister, friend, advisor and confidante

All rolled into one

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