Having A Brother Is The Ultimate Treasure

Poem dedicated to a very close cousin of mine. Here is the content:

Parents are very special
One cannot imagine a life
Without either of them
However, having a brother
Is the ultimate treasure
Imagine someone who enjoys messing around with you
And makes you laugh
You and he may not see eye-to-eye
On a number of things
But he always has your back
Coming to my own experience
I do not have a male sibling
However, I do have a lot of cousins
And among them is a big brother
Who holds a special place in my heart
Whenever he is around
There won’t be a single moment
When you are likely to get bored
Big Bro loves to tease people
Gently, of course
On a number of topics
Cricket, football, tennis
Food, music, entertainment, politics
He makes some compelling arguments
And backs them up with facts
Of course, he also cracks some lame jokes
But, most of all
Man, he knows how to have a good time!
Of course, Big Bro has a sensitive side too
He is a good listener
And provides sound advice
He also knows what to say
And what not to say
Depending on the situation
People often underestimate the value of simple gestures
Like asking “How was your day?”
Big Bro doesn’t
He stays in touch
Nearly every week
But also gives you space
When you need it
However, most of all
He always knows how to make you feel better
I am truly lucky
To have someone like Big Bro
Looking out for me always
Even if it means
That I have to endure his endless marketing of a particular movie
Jokes apart, Big Bro is proof
That having a brother
Is the ultimate treasure

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