Seeking Appreciation For My Hard Work

Yet another poem dedicated to my boss, for whom I’ve been working for 5+ years. Here is the content:

I have been working for you

For a long, long time

And I’ve been working really hard

In fact, there have been times

When I have worked on weekends

And there’ve also been times

When I’ve worked beyond midnight

Apart from this

I’ve also faced numerous hardships along the way

Take 2018, for instance

You delayed the salary six times

And each time, we had to wait at least two weeks

Moreover, there was a massive project

The biggest of my life, in fact

And during that extremely challenging period

You were breathing down our necks

Every single day

In fact, I remember one particular day

When you didn’t even let us have our lunch in peace!

And on top of that

You had the nerve

To delay the salary by nearly a month!

2019, too, wasn’t a memorable year

The incentives were delayed so badly

That I had to confront you, face-to-face

To ensure that I got at least a part of the amount

2020, of course, hit us all badly

The pandemic gave you a perfect excuse

To delay the salary by more than a month

You would’ve been so proud

To beat your own record!!

Moreover, work from home benefitted you immensely

As you made us work harder than ever

While continuing to delay the incentives

Coming back to the present

I’ve been with you through all this

Hence, I suppose it’s only fair

That I expect something from you in return

It need not be in terms of monetary benefits

A few words of appreciation, once a week

Would also suffice

And of course

It would be a great help

If you started paying the incentives on time!!

Share your views please ! :)

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