Why Putting On Weight Matters To Me

There are major setbacks in life

Like losing someone dear to you

Losing your job

Going through a divorce

And so on and on

Then there are minor setbacks

For instance, putting on weight

At first glance, it may not seem like much

But, as you scratch the surface

You will slowly understand

Why it is not something

That I can just dismiss

With a wave of my hand

First, I am a recruiter

And in the world of Recruitment

Nothing can be predicted

I may burn the midnight oil

Only for success to evade me

At the eleventh hour

Or I may slack off

And get kissed by Lady Luck

On both cheeks!!

Secondly, I work in a startup

Therefore, there are times

When I have to do the work of two people

Now, bring exercising into the equation

As it is, I barely have time

To complete all my work

And there are days

When I work overtime

And yet it doesn’t prove to be enough

Thanks to Recruitment being more unpredictable

Than even the Sensex!!

Taking all of this into account

How am I supposed to find time

To go for long walks

Or burn calories on the treadmill?

Having said that

I do try to squeeze some time

Into my packed schedule

A few days here and there

But, as the famous Linkin Park song goes

“In the end, it doesn’t even matter”

And the worst thing about putting on weight

Is not how it affects my physical health

In fact, it is my mental health

That takes a beating

My self-esteem plummets

I am not sure

If I can lose weight again

And this affects other aspects of my life as well

Including my job

Look at it this way

I have too much work

Due to which I have less time to exercise

And thus I put on weight

Due to which I lose confidence

And it affects my work in turn

Truly a vicious cycle

So, can you honestly blame me

For making such a deal about putting on weight?

Share your views please ! :)

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