Doing Recruitment Without

A poem dedicated to my boss for expecting us to do Recruitment without Here is the content:

You want us to work hard

We have been doing that

For the last five years

In case you haven’t noticed

You want us to achieve results

Again, we’ve been doing that

Maybe not every quarter

But surely at least once in two quarters

Of course, there have been a few bad years

After all, not everything is in our control

Even you should be able to understand that

You want us to work extra hard

Tough ask, but nothing we can’t manage

The real problem arises

When you want us to deliver

Without adequate resources at hand

Such as

Of course, you will always say

That Naukri is not a primary source

And that there are other sources

But are they even half as effective as Naukri?

For instance, does LinkedIn show detailed information

About the candidate’s experience?

Or for that matter, his/her CTC?

Are Lusha and Signalhire always accurate?

Do they always provide the candidate’s mobile number?

Finally, have you taken into account

The amount of time lost on the whole

Due to the unavailability of Naukri?

Until and unless you provide a satisfactory answer

To each of these extremely pertinent questions

There is no point in continuing to work

Share your views please ! :)

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