Project Blues

Poem dedicated to my struggles with one of the biggest projects of my life. Here is the content:

Work, work, work

That’s all I do these days

No time to relax

No time to unwind

No time to watch TV

No time to read books

No time to play games

No time to exercise

And the list goes on and on

Ever since this infernal project began

I’ve been racing against time

Barely pausing for breath

Searching portal after portal

Speaking to candidate after candidate

And facing rejection after rejection

Even as the clock keeps ticking

Signalling my impending doom

At one stage, I can stand it no longer

Thus, I press the panic button

And make mistakes that I usually would have avoided

Even in my wildest dreams

With every mistake

My self-confidence plummets

Till I begin to drown in a pool of depression

Just before everything goes black

I somehow manage to find the strength

To make one last wish

Which is, to hear the five magic words

“This project is on hold”

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