A Confession To My Family

I am truly sorry

And I say this

From the bottom of my heart

What I did was unacceptable

And I’m not making any excuses

I ask only one thing from you

That you hear me out fully

You may be tired of hearing this

But it is the cold reality

That my brain is wired differently

And because of that

My reaction to stress will be very different

Yes, I’m going through stress

And that is natural

Considering I’m working on a massive project

And I’ve barely started

There is a lot riding on my shoulders

And it’s been ages

Since I’ve worked on something of this magnitude

It’s not something that I can back out of

And when I’m dealing with all this

There comes an additional burden

On my already weary shoulders

Something of a more personal nature

And therefore harder to handle

As if things are not bad enough

My laptop throws all sorts of tantrums

Thereby raising the difficulty level

From Advanced to Expert

How much can I handle at once?

I’ve tried my best to stay calm

But at some stage

There was bound to be a breaking point

Of course, I will readily admit

That I was too weak

Too weak to stay in control

But that is only the tip of the iceberg

It all boils down to this

My self-worth is based on my work

When I am successful at work

My self-confidence goes through the roof

But it is a double-edged sword

Lack of success at work

Means my morale plummets

Today, it hit rock bottom

Thus I lashed out

But I can assure you

That I’ve learned my lesson

Never again, will I take work so seriously

That I’ll forget about my family

Or my friends

Or finally, my happiness

After all, if you lose a job

You can always find another one

But if you lose your family or friends

You can never get them back

Not unless you get kissed by Lady Luck

On both cheeks

And that usually happens as frequently

As Vodafone providing good service

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