I Have Been With You

This poem is dedicated to my Acer One 14 laptop that I’ve been using since September 2017. Here’s the content:

I have been with you

For more than four years

And there hasn’t been a single moment

When I’ve not had to tear my hair out

From its very roots

Right from day one

You’ve been a constant source of trouble

Whether it be the battery

Or the screen

Or the keyboard

Or the touchpad

Or the motherboard itself

I have been with you

For such a long time

That it beggars belief

Though it has been only four years

It feels like decades have passed

Since I first laid my eyes on you

Back then, I had a lot of hope in you

But you’ve done your best

To disappoint me at every turn

I have coaxed you

I have cajoled you

I have done everything I could

To ensure you live up to your potential

But it seems you’re from a different planet altogether

And not a very good one at that

I have been with you

On your best days

And on your worst days

It’s because I am a patient person

But even a patient person has his/her limits

And you’ve managed to stretch me

Well beyond mine

So, it is only a matter of time

Before we are done

For good

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