My Journey With Meat

It has been six years

Since the journey began

Into an entirely new world

A world full of food

Food that I never thought I’d taste

Even in my wildest dreams

But, as the cliche goes

The forbidden fruit is the sweetest

Of course, the beginning was basic at best

Just a bowl of chicken soup

However, it was a spark

That ultimately proved to be enough

To ignite a blazing fire

And from then on

There was no looking back

From chicken to mutton

From mutton to beef

From beef to bacon

And from bacon to prawn

My tongue has tasted it all

Of course, things went south

As far as fish was concerned

However, as they say

I should probably give it some time

Also, thanks to the pandemic

Eating out is off the table now

Barring a few special occasions

And meat is a taboo at home

Hence, it seems I’ll have to wait

And wait quite a while at that

Before I can dig in

To that mouth-watering dish

The one and only Nizami Mutton Biryani

And as the wait grows ever longer

My tongue begins to crave

My teeth begin to sharpen

The wolf in me begins to stir

Waiting for the perfect opportunity

To pounce upon an unsuspecting goat

And tear it to pieces

Quicker than one can say “meat”

That’s when I wake up

And realise it was just a dream

However, the wait continues

And I hope against hope

For this accursed pandemic to end soon

So that I can finally go to a restaurant

And devour that Mutton Biryani

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