It has been a long wait

This poem is dedicated to trains, especially Indian Railways; for I am deeply missing train travel since the COVID19 pandemic has struck. My last train trip was on February 15th 2020; between Mumbai and Pune. Here goes the content:

It has been a long wait

Days turning into weeks

Weeks turning into months

And now, it’s been nearly a year

A year full of longing

A year full of pain

And, most of all

A year full of hoping

Hoping against hope

That there would be a day

When I could get a chance

For a very special ride

In a very special vehicle

A vehicle with a thousand wheels

Made of steel

And clattering all day over steel rails

Like there is no tomorrow

It has been a long wait

How much I miss the feeling

That very special feeling

Which is indescribable in words

When steel clashes with steel

Creating a unique symphony

That is hard to match

Even by someone like AR Rahman

Or for the matter, Hans Zimmer

How much I miss the sounds

The steady rhythm created

By this amazing machine

The thunderous dhak-dhak

Over many a bridge

The symmetric clickety clack

Over many a point

How much I miss the horns

Whether it be the shrill tones

Emitted by the racy electrics

Or the deep bass tones

Of the industrious diesels

How much I miss the berths

The gentle swaying two and fro

Accompanied by the rhythmic beats

Jus the lullaby I need

As I lie contently on my berth

How much I miss the stations

With their earthly charm

The buzz of never-ending activity

And, most of all

The variety of food stuffs

To whet my growing appetite

And of course, coffee and tea

To revitalise my exhausted mind

After hours and hours on the move

It has been a long wait

And unfortunately, it is not over yet

However, it is only a matter of time

Before I get that elusive chance

For a very special ride

In a very special vehicle

3 thoughts on “It has been a long wait

  1. Your poem ” long wait”is really very nice! It reflects the longing desire of those who have missed for long the train journey , due to the pandemic.It also kindles the dreams of those who want to take a train travel for long distance to experience the joy & merits! It inspires those who want to take a circular trip for at least a week , as soon as situation improvess !It is a dedication to trains as well as train friends club inviting them to start activities sooner!


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