You are a monster

This poem is dedicated to the owner of the company where my best friend works. The management treats her like a slave; moreover they have not paid her the salary since June 2019 (except for January this year; that too after Loss of Pay for no reason!) !! Here is the content:

You are a monster

You have created a company

Where equality does not exist

Where hard work does not pay

Where honesty is a vice

Where wrongdoers are rewarded

And most of all

Where a toxic atmosphere prevails

You are a monster

During this global pandemic

People are losing their jobs every day

Those less fortunate, their lives even!

Yet you are expecting results

At the speed of light

While you are denying your employees

The basic pay that they have earned

Through hours and hours

Days and days

Weeks and weeks

And months and months

Of burning the midnight oil

You are a monster

You treat some employees like slaves

Just because they are poor

And have nowhere else to go

If this is not exploitation

I don’t know what is!

You are extremely lucky

That there is no union

To fight for your employees’ rights

Thus you manage to get away

With your countless atrocities

All in the name of revenue

You are a monster

And you deserve to be punished

You have been thoroughly lucky so far

But it is only a matter of time

Before the ball spins the other way

So, you had better watch out

Unless you mend your ways

And start treating your employees like human beings

You will soon be clean bowled

Your employees will desert you

One by one

Your company will go up in smoke

You will be left bankrupt

And then, maybe one day

You will understand, why it pays

To be a kind employer

To be a just one

And above all

To be a good human being

Share your views please ! :)

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