I am a Tam Brahm

Footnote: This poem can’t be called an entirely original work. I owe a lot of the ideas (and certain facts) to the various people in India who have been at the fore of the anti-caste movement – great historical leaders like Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Thanthai Periyar; as well as contemporary anti-caste movements – comprising pages and websites such as Savarna Fat Cat, Just Savarna Things, Ambedkar Quotes, Ambedkar’s Caravan, Round Table India, Velivada etc.; and people like director Pa Ranjith, lawyer Raya Sarkar, Rajesh Rajamani, Kuffir Nalgundwar, rapper Sumeet Samos etc.

The actual content:

I am a Tam Brahm

I hate double standards

But I follow them everyday

I like to keep things simple

But I complicate the lives of others

I hate people who boss me

But I control the entire country

I crib about being a minority

But I have vast resources at my disposal

I hate reservations

But my community occupies all the top positions

I don’t believe in caste

But I eat at Brahmin restaurants

And I prefer to marry an Iyengar

I am a vegetarian and a cow lover

And I am proud of my ancestors

But my ancestors ate beef

I am against alcohol consumption

But I get drunk and beat my wife

And I call myself a feminist

Because I love Kangana’s movies

I hate the racist Trump

But I don’t mind the fascist Modi

I hate Pa Ranjith

Because he brings caste into everything

But I love Ram Gopal Varma and Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Because they make movies that glorify Kshatriyas

I claim to understand everyone

But I fail to understand myself

Why is my life so difficult?

Because I am a Tam Brahm


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