I am a Tam Brahm

Footnote: This poem can't be called an entirely original work. I owe a lot of the ideas (and certain facts) to the various people in India who have been at the fore of the anti-caste movement - great historical leaders like Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Thanthai Periyar; as well as contemporary anti-caste movements - comprising…Read more I am a Tam Brahm

Office Christmas Party – A typical adult comedy

"Office Christmas Party" is a typical adult comedy and completely justifies the 'A' rating. There are enough non-veg jokes, scenes with hookers (including hand-jobs), a bit of drugs and characters getting seriously injured. So Jennifer Aniston plays the typically number-driven CEO Carol who has to downsize, cut bonuses and (worst of all) cancel a Christmas…Read more Office Christmas Party – A typical adult comedy