Office Christmas Party – A typical adult comedy

“Office Christmas Party” is a typical adult comedy and completely justifies the ‘A’ rating. There are enough non-veg jokes, scenes with hookers (including hand-jobs), a bit of drugs and characters getting seriously injured. So Jennifer Aniston plays the typically number-driven CEO Carol who has to downsize, cut bonuses and (worst of all) cancel a Christmas Party planned by her brother Clay(T.J.Miller) who heads a branch in the same Chicago firm. Oh, and obviously there is the sibling rivalry- Carol is jealous of her bro being ‘Dad’s pet’. Josh (Jason Bateman), the Chief Technical Officer; tries to save the day by striking up a deal with a financial biggie but the client is put off by the office culture- which seems to be more focused on meeting the budgets than the people. So, Josh, Clay and Tracey(Olivia Munns) – the head of tech,plan to throw a bombastic Christmas party to show the client that they have a ‘chilled out’ company culture.

Jennifer Aniston is more than convincing as the uptight CEO who is a bit too obsessed in competing with her brother. Jason Bateman, well, tries to keep things ‘in control’ but struggles to do so. Btw, the chemistry between him and Olivia Munns is striking and boy is she hot! Anyway, IMHO, the real hero of the day is T.J.Miller with his one-liners, feisty spirit and goofy humour. Off-topic: he seems to be an American Rupert Grint!

My overall rating: 6.5 out 0f 10

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