A dream come true

Trigger warning: The below poem contains strong references to politics, religion and caste; and certain sentiments may be hurt. It is not recommended for the faint-hearted, conservative families, and people with right-wing or pro-establishment political leanings.

The actual content:

To live your life

The way you like

To speak your mind

To not speak at all

To eat what your tongue craves for

To choose your friends, lovers, spouses

To return home as late as you see fit

Is a dream come true

But do all dreams come true?

It is said that God grants all our wishes

But does God truly exist?


To live your life

The way you like

Is a dream come true

But why is it not a reality?

Why does family teach us

Not to eat non-veg

Not to drink alcohol

Why doesn’t family teach us

What is consent

And what it means in a relationship?

Why are Muslims and Dalits lynched

For eating beef

But Brahmins and Banias let off

After looting the country?


To live your life

The way you like

Is a dream come true

Until the day India becomes a democracy

In letter as well as spirit

Not just empty words

Which are full of grandiose thoughts and ideals

But fail to translate into action

Thus rendering them utterly ineffectual

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