Poem Dedicated To One Of My Colleagues

This is a poem dedicated to one of my colleagues, whom I regularly meet at office. Here is the content:

I’ve known you for only nine months

However, frankly speaking, it feels like a lot more

Moreover, every time I commute to office

By the dreaded Mumbai locals

My frustration reduces considerably

When I think about you

And the sheer distance you have to travel

Of course, it also helps

That you usually reach office

Twenty minutes after I do

And after chatting with you

Over a mug of hot coffee

While you have your breakfast

I feel like I am finally ready

To face the truckload of work

That sits on my table

You are sweet-natured

And a ball of energy at the same time

What I like about you the most, though

Is the fact that you’re never afraid to speak your mind

And since you are a great listener

With a lot of empathy

I feel like I can tell you anything

And yes, we may be colleagues

Who’ve known each other for only nine months

But to me, you are already a good friend

As well as a sister

And it is thanks to you

That I am actually happy to come to office

In spite of all the travel fatigue and stress

Please be the way you are

And I really hope and pray

That you have a great career ahead of you

Of course, there have been a lot of ups and downs

But I am sure you will turn things around

As long as you believe in yourself

Take care and see you soon

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