Act of Friendship

Poem dedicated to a girl who did a fine job of pretending to be a good friend of mine and cut me off when she no longer needed me. Here is the content:

I never wanted to be your friend in the first place

I had seen you throw tantrums

Like a typical Punjabi Brahmin

When you were speaking with some guy

With whom you were apparently close

The first thought that came into my mind then

Was that the poor guy deserved some space

Which you are never ready to offer people

But demand it for yourself

As you would surely recall

At that time, I was never one

For initiating conversations with girls

This was something

That was noticed by almost everybody

However, it was you

Who first tried to break the ice with me

I really have to give it to you

What I had observed about you earlier

Didn’t leave me with a good first impression

But you were clever and cunning enough

To change all that

With some good old sweet talk

Asking me about myself, my hobbies etc,

And talking less about yourself

It worked like a charm

I got attached to you big time

Though I will make it two hundred percent clear

That it was NOT in the romantic sense

At that time, I never knew I had autism

Which made me all the more susceptible

I thought you were a really good human being

With a heart of gold

When it should have been obvious to me

That you saw me as a stereotypically naive and childish South Indian guy

Who was a perfect object

For your charitable attentions

And let me make it clear

That it wasn’t simply a wrong impression on my part

YOU told me a few times

That you saw me as a brother

And I, being gullible to the extreme

Took your words at face value

Which was probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life

Again, I will have to give it to you

Because you played your part admirably

Especially as far as all the sweet talk was concerned

Not to mention, showing some physical affection too

Of course, never in the romantic sense

I am not going to accuse you of that surely

Nevertheless, everyone saw you as a model friend

And sometimes even a mother!

The reality, of course

Could not have been more different

After college, once we went our separate ways

You were free to show your true colours

Of course, people do tend to lose touch

But cutting me off at the drop of a hat

Over a silly Facebook comment

Was definitely not an indicator of a true friend

And what was worse

Was the fact that you mistook my profuse apologies for romantic feelings

And replied after months of ghosting me

In a most arrogant manner

Gone were all your sweet talk

And instead on full display

Was your Brahminical egoism

Again, I have to give it to you

You were a brilliant actress

And probably still are

Because, a lot of people are good at play acting romance

But you had the daring and nerve

Not to mention, sheer talent

To do it as far as friendship was concerned!!

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