Your Best Is Yet To Come

Poem dedicated to one of my all-time favourite celebrities, Malayalam actress Aishwarya Lekshmi. Here goes the content:

Hey Aishwarya,

You don’t know me

In fact, I don’t think you would’ve even heard of me

But I want to let you know

That I have seen a lot of movies

And I have observed a lot of acting

However, when it comes to Mollywood

There is absolutely no one

Who can match your talent

You are extremely versatile

And you seriously kill us with your expressions

In the movie “Archana 31 Not Out”

I was rooting for your character throughout

Because I could totally relate to her

From handling a class full of troublemaking students

To living in eternal fear of losing her job

And finally, facing countless rejections

While looking for prospective grooms

It was a rollercoaster ride

Wherein you showed a wide range of emotions

Happy, sad, angry

Calm, tense, confused

And whatnot!!

However, what struck me the most

Was your sheer intensity

Especially when it came to your speech

At the climax of the movie

It gave me goosebumps

Moreover, it’s not all about talent, you know

Your determination and dedication

As well as your humility and outspoken nature

Will go a long way

In ensuring that you have a glorious future ahead of you

Not just in Mollywood

But South Indian cinema in general

Of course, there will be a lot of ups and downs

As is the case with any profession

But particularly the film industry

However, what I’ve observed

You have the courage and tenacity

To ride the storms that may come your way

The same way your character “Poonguzhali” did

In PS1 and PS2

Mark my words, your best is yet to come!!

Share your views please ! :)

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