If Only I Were A Wizard

Sometimes I wish magic were real and I were a wizard; since I am so crazy about Harry Potter and the world of magic. Here is a poem on such wishful thinking:

If only I were a wizard

My entire life would be vastly different

I would be able to perform magic

Real magic, not card tricks or mind illusions

I could go to Hogwarts

And learn to brew potions

Cast charms, jinxes and hexes

Deal with various magical plants

From Mandrakes to Venomous Tentacula

As well as a variety of creatures

From Hippogriffs to Thestrals

Study the movements of the planets

And their impact on the wizarding world

Learn about our entire magical history

From goblin rebellions to wizarding wars

Even if it sounds rather boring

But then, so is Muggle history

And last but not the least

Play Quidditch!!

If only I were a wizard

My whole life would become so much simpler

I could summon any object

From almost anywhere in the world

I could Apparate or Disapparate anywhere

Or fly using a broomstick

Or for that matter, a flying car

Ride on the back of Thestrals

And last but not the least

Use Floo Powder

Rather than time-consuming Muggle transport

Such as motorbikes, autos, cars, buses or trains

Or even aeroplanes, the fastest form of Muggle transport

I could clean the entire house in a jiffy

As well as cook meals

Using various Household spells

I could heal wounds in almost no time

Using a bottle of Dittany

I could use a Quick Quotes Quill

Instead of wasting time writing on paper

Or even typing on a laptop

The list is endless

If only I were a wizard

There would be a magical solution

To almost every problem in the world

Including even staying alive!!

I could keep drinking the Elixir

Obtained from a Philosopher’s Stone

And thus become immortal

Of course, I wouldn’t prefer to do that

Since it is a rich person’s solution

And moreover, I don’t wish to live beyond even ninety years

Let alone hundred!!

Or I could become the Master Of Death

By obtaining the three Deathly Hallows

Again, a very unlikely solution

Since I would have to duel the current owner of the Elder Wand

In order to be able to possess it

And that is something I don’t wish to do

After all, it is better to enjoy a natural life

Rather than chasing immortality

And on that note

It’s time for me to return

To the Muggle world

Oops…I meant reality!!

Share your views please ! :)

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