Time Is Always One Step Ahead

My first poem on Time Management. Here goes the content:

People talk a lot about time management

Of course, it is very important

For our life revolves around it

And time is the only thing

That, once lost, can never be found

However, the way most people talk about time management

Frankly puts me off

For them, it is as basic as drinking water

And those who fail to manage time are losers

Well, if you ask me

To manage time successfully

Is one of the most difficult things in life

Because time flies without your noticing it

Especially when it comes to work

For instance, when you are a recruiter

You have to source profiles

From various online portals

You have to screen the profiles

And speak to the candidates

Who fit the job description the best

You have to convince the candidates

To apply for the role

And share their resumes with the client

You have to schedule the interviews

Of the candidates who are shortlisted

You have to coordinate with the candidates

As well as the clients

To make sure the interviews go as per plan

And it goes on and on

Your responsibility as a recruiter ends

Only when the candidate has successfully spent 6 months

In your client company

Also, as a recruiter

You will be working on multiple mandates

For multiple clients

So, while you are sourcing profiles

For one particular mandate

You will be speaking to candidates

For another mandate

And lining up interviews

For yet another mandate

And it never stops

You can manage everything successfully

Only if you are able to manage time

Therefore, as a recruiter

You need to be an expert in time management

However, it is as easy

As handling a Russell’s Viper is

When you are putting your heart and soul

Into one particular mandate

You suddenly receive a call from another client

And thus have to drop whatever you’re doing

And focus on that client’s needs

By the time you return to the previous mandate

You have already lost some valuable time

But that’s the way Recruitment works

And it gets worse

When you have to go to office

Which is a good 20 km away from your home

And thus takes at least an hour to reach

After you reach office

It takes about half an hour

To ensure everything is in place

So that you can begin working

And you lose another hour

In the process of returning home

Thus, to cap it all

You lose at least two and a half hours

When you work from office

Something that happens twice a week

Meaning that at least five hours are lost

Every frigging week

And this does not even take into account

Time spent on having lunch

As well as tea and coffee

Nevertheless, as a recruiter

You are expected to close positions

On a regular basis

Irrespective of how much time you have

Whether you work from home or office

And I am sure you must be laughing at me now

For wasting my time

By writing this really long poem on time management

But, as former Australian cricketer Bill Lawry once famously said

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles”

Well, I at least hope

That you’ve understood by now

How difficult time management truly is

Because, no matter how hard you try to manage time

It is always one step ahead

Share your views please ! :)

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