Love Is Not Just About Romance

This is a poem about my musings on love. Here is the content:

When you think of love

What is the first thing

That comes to your mind?

Romance, naturally!

Because that’s what you’ve been fed

Through books, movies, TV shows

Media, newspapers, radio

And so on

Yes, romance is indeed love

But love is not just about romance

It’s so much more than that

Showing care and attention

To another human being

Or even an animal

Without expecting anything in return

Feeling the joys and sorrows

That another person feels

Putting yourself in his/her shoes

That’s what love is all about

And that person can be anyone

It can be your spouse

Or boyfriend or girlfriend

Or brother or sister

Or son or daughter

Or parent or grandparent

Or a close friend or colleague

It can even be someone

Whom you look up to

Like a teacher or a mentor

It can even be a pet

In fact, there are many more examples of love

But I won’t be listing all of them here

You see, the idea is

That you need to get rid of any preconceived notions

That you may have about love

And approach it with an open mind

Share your views please ! :)

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