Three Days Of Sheer Pain

Poem about the intense pain I’ve been feeling in my tongue for the last three days, thanks to an ulcer. I’ve taken some inspiration from Harry Potter and “The Popeye Show”. Here is the content:

Three days of sheer pain

Sharp, intense and mind-numbing pain

My tongue has become a raging inferno

Enough to wipe out an entire forest

Quicker than one can even utter the word “fire”

I’ve rarely felt this helpless before

Every meal suddenly feels like climbing Mount Everest

Chewing food is like walking through an obstacle course

Designed by Lord Voldemort

There are gazillions of Dark creatures

Surrounding me from all sides

Dementors, Inferi, Werewolves

Grindylows, Red Caps, Hinkypunks

And I can go on and on

One wrong move

And an incredibly painful death awaits me

Three days of sheer pain

Pain that almost feels like the Cruciatus curse

Pain that makes me forget

What it’s like, to enjoy a meal

Pain that makes me wish I were a python

So that I could simply gobble up my prey

Without having to go through the pain of chewing it

Three days of sheer pain

Pain that makes every formal conversation

Seem like steering a ship through the Atlantic Ocean

Thus, Recruitment, difficult as it already is

Suddenly seems tougher than clearing the IIT-JEE

And just when I am looking forward

To some extremely valuable rest

Thanks to an extended weekend

My boss, knowing fully well the pain I’m in

Has asked me to put in some work

At a time, when the rest of the country is on a mini-vacation

Including even some of our bothersome clients

As Popeye The Sailor would say

“That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more”

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