The Value Of A Sibling

Poem dedicated to my dear sister. Here is the content:

Parents are precious, of course

One cannot imagine a life without them

But the joy of having a sibling

Is something else, entirely!

Imagine someone who will share your happiness and sorrow

And fight with you for a number of reasons

Many of them may even be silly

However, at the end of the day

S/he will aways be there for you

And most importantly, see you as an equal

Coming to my own life

I consider myself very lucky indeed

To have such a person

She is smart, outgoing, fun-loving

Sensitive, caring, earnest

Independent, fierce and dedicated

But, most of all

She loves her family unconditionally

And understands me very well indeed

However, we didn’t always get along

Especially in my childhood and teens

There were a lot of quarrels

And I’m ashamed to say

That my response was often physical

But again, as mentioned earlier

My sister turned out to be very understanding and forgiving

Having seen me at my best

As well as at my worst

Unfortunately, more of the latter though

Anyway, over the last few years

Our bond has become stronger than ever

Particularly during my rather forgettable marriage

And the subsequent divorce process

Not only did Sis handle the whole affair exceedingly well

Using all her expertise as a lawyer

She was also a pillar of moral support

I frankly don’t know what I’d do without her

Anyway, I am rambling now

So, I’ll end with these thoughts

If you don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend

Don’t fret over it

If you don’t have a sibling

Then only can you consider yourself unlucky

And if you have one

Then you are one of the luckiest people in the world!

Share your views please ! :)

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