How Vodafone Affects My Job

This is a poem on how my job is adversely affected by the poor service of Vodafone Idea (Vi). Here is the content:

A day in Recruitment

Is full of phone calls

Mostly to candidates

Whether it be prospective candidates

To whom you have to pitch a job opportunity

Or existing candidates

Whose interviews you have to schedule

Of course, it’s not all about candidates

You have to converse with clients too

The bottom-line, though

Is that the job involves a lot of calling

Hence, it’s imperative

That you have a strong network

Are you listening, Vi?

In the last four years

I’ve faced multiple issues

Frequent call drops

Poor voice clarity

Total silence at the other end

My own voice echoing

And whatnot!

I’ve complained about these issues

Many more times than I care to remember

And each time, I’ve made it clear

That calling is central to my job

However, I doubt the message has sunk in

You people are experts

In coming up with all sorts of excuses

Whether it be the mobile handset

Or the sim card

Or the phone network settings

Or your favourite, geographical conditions!

Has it ever occurred to you

That I am equally aware of all these things

As you are?

Or do you think I’m too stupid

To call your bluff?

Whatever maybe the case

You folks are extremely lucky

That I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment

And hence I’m forced to stick with you

For the time being

However, it is only a matter of a few weeks

Before we are over

For good

Therefore, enjoy your time while it lasts

Share your views please ! :)

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