Search, Find, Talk, Repeat

This is a poem about the difficulties one faces in Recruitment for Investment Banking roles. Here is the content:

Search, find, talk, repeat

This is what Recruitment is all about, isn’t it?

You couldn’t have been more wrong

Especially when considering the world of Investment Banking

It is a very small world

You speak to a few people

One loses interest

Upon hearing the name of the client

Another doesn’t want to change his job

And yet another says “I’ll think about it and get back to you”

And so on

The bottom-line is

No one is really interested

Now you may think “So what? We just need to speak to more people”

So simple, isn’t it?

Again, you couldn’t have been more wrong

The “more’ keeps getting less and less

Until you are back to square one

All right, let’s try a new search then

Search, find, talk, repeat

The cycle resumes in right earnest

After a few hours, though

You begin to think

That it may be easier for Royal Challengers Bengaluru to win an IPL

Than for you to close an Investment Banking role

That’s when you finally land a good candidate

Who, for a change, is interested

But the client rejects him

And….back to square one again!

Search, find, talk, repeat

Now the fat is really in the fire

Therefore, the only thing left to do

Is to pray for a miracle

In the form of the client uttering the magic words

“This position has been put on hold”

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