Mother’s Day Special Poem

Dear Amma,

First of all

Let me wish you

A very Happy Mother’s Day

How do I even begin?

You’ve been there for me

Right from day one

From giving birth to me

To raising me as a child

Sending me to school

Supporting me through my teens

Which were frankly some of the most difficult phases

Of my entire life

Educating, counselling, guiding

Scolding, advising, mentoring

Pampering, indulging, providing for

There is nothing you haven’t done for me!

You are not only a parent

But also a friend

And a great one at that!

Of course, we’ve had our fights

And we still do have

There have been times

When I haven’t exactly been an ideal son

But you’ve borne it all

With a patience and fortitude

That even Helga Hufflepuff would’ve been proud of!

Not because you had to

But because of your sheer, unconditional love for me

A love that only a parent can have

For his/her child

And a love that has largely been responsible

For making me the person I am today

Thank you, Amma!

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