How Low Can You Sink?

Poem dedicated to the owners of the organisation where my best friend worked till yesterday; they treated her like a slave and didn’t pay her the salary for most of the time that she worked. They even made her exit painful and denied her the full and final settlement. Here’s the content:

How low can you sink?

You treat your employees like slaves

And it doesn’t end right there

You deny them their basic pay

Which is their bread and butter

And which they have earned

Through hours and hours

Days and days

Weeks and weeks

And months and months

Of sheer toil

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg

Apparently, making your employees work for free

Doesn’t seem to whet your appetite

So, you target a select few

Who are in dire need

Of the cash that you possess

And you make them toil even harder than the rest

Dangling the cash like a carrot

Before their hopeful eyes

And snatching it away at the last moment

As always, this blatant exploitation

Doesn’t seem to whet your ravenous appetite

So, you resort to making them the scapegoats

For anything and everything that goes wrong

Thus making their life a living Hell

And when they finally decide to call it quits

You contrive to make their exit as painful as possible

How low can you really sink?

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