Still Looking For A Break

What a whirlwind the last one month or so has been

A gargantuan project

Which nearly blew us out of our minds

And gave us a few sleepless nights

Followed by another project

Albeit a smaller one

But no less challenging

And yet again

It was something

Which required us to break our heads over it

However, there was a difference this time

And a positive one at that

I managed to complete the work

Entirely on my own

Without any outsourcing whatsoever

And that is something that will hold me in good stead

For the next few years

However, after all this nonstop action

I badly needed a break

Unfortunately, that was something

Which was never going to happen

After all, I work in a startup

A startup that never runs out of work

Even if its employees run out of gas

And the vicious cycle would continue

By the time I finally get a break

The Royal Challengers Bangalore would have finally won the IPL

There would be flying cars everywhere

And last but not the least

I would have already retired

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