Will I Ever Get A Break?

As a massive project finally ended

After hours and hours

Days and days

And weeks and weeks

Of burning the midnight oil

And sacrificing a lot of things

Including some precious sleep

I had a normal weekend

For the first time

In what seemed to be light years

However, it was as ephemeral

As a spell of rain in summer

No sooner had the weekend ended

Than I had to start another project

Mercifully, a smaller one

Moreover, I was battle-hardened

The earlier project proving to be a blessing in disguise

Equipping me, as it did

With some much-needed confidence

Thus, for the first few days

The going was smooth

However, as the cliché goes

All good things come to an end

With every call I made

I became more and more confused

Errors began to creep in

My newfound confidence began to waver

And the pile of work in front of me grew taller and taller

Till it outgrew the Burj Khalifa

As I looked at it

My head started spinning

My eyes almost popped out of their sockets

My teeth began to chatter

My arms began to flail wildly

And my legs began to dance in all sorts of directions

In a final bid to regain control of myself

I somehow managed to reach out to my desk

And grabbed a bottle of water

With great difficulty, I managed to open it

Only to clumsily spill the water all over myself

Miraculously, the lukewarm water managed to bring me back to my senses

As I heaved a huge sigh of relief

And collapsed on to my bed

My only thought was

“Will I ever get a break?“

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