We Had So Much Faith In You

This poem is dedicated to ICICI Bank; they disabled my mother’s Debit card and Netbanking ID for no fault of hers on Saturday and drove her mad for two days; as she had to keep calling Customer Care executives who kept diverting her from department to department. Today finally my mother’s Netbanking ID has been reactivated; though she still cannot make a transaction as she has to wait for a new Debit card to be delivered. Here is the content:

We had so much faith in you

Right from the beginning

When we came to you

We thought you’d take care of us

For years and years

And initially you repaid that faith

By serving us with a smile

For years and years

We had so much faith in you

That we asked others

To put their faith in you

Whether it be family

Whether it be friends

Whether it be colleagues

We had so much faith in you

That we took you for granted

How wrong we were

Whenever we were in trouble

We would come to you

However, times have changed

In the name of security

You put us in trouble

For no fault of our own

You made us so desperate

That we were forced

Against our will

To plead for help

In every nook and corner

And every time we pleaded

You passed the buck

From one executive to another

We were caught in a vicious circle

From which there was no escape

And it went on and on

You drove us so mad

That we were forced

To threaten legal action

Then you finally relented

Not because you understood our situation

But only to save your own neck

Why did you do this to us?

We had so much faith in you!!

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