From Bachelorhood to Married Life

This is my first ever poem to my fiancee; on the eve of our marriage. Here it goes:

For days and days

For weeks and weeks

For months and months

We have waited patiently

It has been one hell of a ride

Full of dizzying heights one moment

And crashing lows the next

The wait has been massively long

But our time has finally come

Tomorrow, we begin a new life

A never-ending train journey

Full of ups and downs

Odds and ends

And certainties and uncertainties

We will go to places

That we have never explored

Even in our wildest dreams

We will face the challenges

That Life has in store for us

With every ounce of zeal we can muster

Most importantly, though

We will be there for each other

For better or worse

Until the very end

We are a team through and through

And nothing can ever stop us

Not people, not things

Not governments, not bosses

Hell, not even Death!

However, let us pause for a moment

To appreciate the beauty of tonight

For it is your last night as a spinster

And mine as a bachelor

Share your views please ! :)

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