How dare you do this to us?

This is a poem dedicated to the Tamilnadu Chief Minister; for imposing a total lockdown from June 19 to 30 in Chennai and 3 other districts. Here is the content:

How dare you?

How dare you do this to us?

Do you have any idea

What we are going through?

Every hour, every day

Every week, every month

Battling our myriad fears

Taking extra care to stay safe

Balancing our personal and professional duties

And above all, trying to put a smile

On our already weary faces

As we wait and wait

For normalcy to resume

While the cases pile up

At the speed of light

How dare you?

How dare you do this to us?

Things are bad enough as it is

So, what pleasure do you derive

Out of increasing our already untold sufferings?

Do you honestly get a kick

Out of watching the poor and needy

Struggling haplessly to make ends meet

While things rapidly spiral out of control?

How dare you?

How dare you do this to us?

Do you seriously think

That you will get away with your actions?

Remember, we are a democracy

We are not exactly fools

To give you second and third chances

You have got a year left

Full of opportunities to keep abusing your power

Enjoy your time while it lasts

But keep in mind

You will never come to power again

Not unless you grow a heart

Share your views please ! :)

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