Twenty days of hell

Another poem to vent my feelings during the long lockdown imposed by the Indian government to combat the Corona virus pandemic; there are Dracula and Harry Potter references. Here is the content:

Twenty days of hell

Twenty days of darkness

Twenty days of despair

Twenty days of enslavement

Twenty days of torture

Locked inside my home

From day to night

My thoughts and emotions

Move at the speed of light

From crevice to crevice

Inside the dark, musty dungeon

That calls itself my brain

Soon, they spin and swirl

Like a whirlpool in the North Sea

Before rising like a tsunami

And drowning me in its watery depths

Twenty days of hell

During which, my sanity is sucked out

Drop by drop, drip by drip

By a deadly vampire

Whose reputation for bloodlust

Surpasses that of Count Dracula himself

Day by day, week by week

Lunacy replaces reason

Fantasy replaces reality

Falsehoods replace truths

I begin to believe

That the Earth is a rectangle

That the Sun revolves around it

That the Sun rises in the west

That the world of magic is real

Worst of all, I begin to believe

That I can destroy this infernal virus

With just a wave of my wand

Twenty days of hell

Cut off from my dear friends

Cut off from my dear fiancee

I begin to fear the worst

What will happen to them?

Will they get enough to eat?

Will they get enough to drink?

As one crisis follows another

And the uncertainty swells like a balloon

I yearn to scream, at the top of my voice

Until my lungs burst

For I can no longer stand

The vile injustice of it all

After all, is it our fault

That we are forced to endure

Such countless and unthinkable hardships

Without a word of thanks in return?

Share your views please ! :)

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