The magic spell cast by Dhanushkodi

As we head towards Dhanushkodi

On a road smooth as velvet

Tall trees of coconut surround us

Forming a canopy to shield us

From the wrath of the mighty Sun

Whose eyes pierce us all

And cast an everlasting glow

Over the silken stretches of sand

Erstwhile a tiny speck in the horizon

Now omnipresent, is clear blue water


A beautiful beach beckons to us

With families, men, women and children

Already having made a home here

The Bay of Bengal has cast a spell

A spell that permeates every cell

From the heart to the brain

Till we lose the tiniest bit of restraint

Till we give in, to the charms of the waters


The feel of the water

Is as welcoming as an earthen rug

That your feet grazes

As you step inside your home

After a tiring day at the office


The sea opens its arms

Ready to embrace us

Like a long-lost friend

As every wave rises gracefully

Like a ballet dancer on song

And falls ever so gently

Like leaves during autumn

Another wave takes its place

All for one, one for all


As I feel the slap of each wave

My spirits soar higher

I feel a child-like innocence

Wash over my adult self

Cleansing my mind of all worries


Further delight awaits us at Land’s End

As water surrounds us on all sides

I am treated to the best scene

My eyes have ever clapped upon

A rendezvous of two seas

Like twins in a Shakespearean comedy


We depart the scene with a heavy heart

But with memories to last us forever

I am thankful to Dhanushkodi

As I probably couldn’t have got

A better place for a poem

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