Why do I feel insecure?

Why do I feel insecure?


Is it the need to please?

Is it the need to impress?


Should everyone like me?

Should I care what they think?


No one can be perfect

Flaws are so endearing

They are who you are


Why do I feel insecure?

Do I need to prove myself?

Do I need to right wrongs?

Do I need to change?


Why can’t I love myself?

Why do I need approval?

Why do I need to monitor myself?


Is it because of autism?

Can I not be different?

Will they understand me?


I am an introvert

I am no glib talker

Social interaction boggles me


Why do I feel insecure?

Because I make faux pas?

Because I tend to stare?

Because I can’t understand subtleties?


Why do I feel I need a girlfriend?

Will everything be fine then?

Isn’t that what society says?


Thank you mind for bossing me

Thank you patriarchy for screwing me


I will be me

I will laugh

I will cry

I will rage

I will dance


But I will not be ashamed

Of Being me

Share your views please ! :)

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