Once a railfan, always a railfan

At the age of two, it started

Love for wheels on rails

The way trains moved, fascinated

The track clatter, gave goosebumps

The window seat was heaven

Countryside in all its glory

The journey had a story

Charming, were the stations

The engine horn was music

The beats were the diesel chugging

The transition jerk still nostalgic

Now things are changing

Vaccuum brakes to Air brakes

Diesels to electrics

ICF rakes to LHB rakes

Peaceful journeys to chaos

Safe journeys to derailments

However, do not forget

Once a railfan, always a railfan

Love trains, not the ministry of trains

A fire kindled, refuses to die

No risk, no gain

To travel, never shy

A home with the least pain

Is a home in a train

Share your views please ! :)

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