Some days are really bad

Some days are really bad

Nothing goes right

You have no might

At the end, you are glad

You try your best

Nothing clicks for you

It’s a real character test

More so, when autist is you

Why only results matter?

Why not your efforts?

Your morale will shatter

Breached, is your fort

Once work gets over

Returning home still a task

Is it too much to ask?

Can it get any slower?

Even a Bandra local packed

Dadar stinks like a carcass

You need a compass

The crowd is so fucked

Need to miss a few trains

I even lose my brain

Thanks to Ghatkopar madness

Train boarders have no kindness

Deboarders expected to jump

I am under the pump

I jump, and push violently

The people are shocked

I am satisfied silently

They got what they deserved

I am tired of being good

More so when the day is bad

But the worst is over

Though the day is not over

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