Yielding to the pull of the magnet, yet again! – Part 2

The magnet of Pune had pulled me yet again; as it has done so often – over the last two years. My excuse this time was to meet my friend (railfan Omkar) there and do a lot of railfanning there; and boy did we enjoy ourselves! 🙂 After a short RF session at Pune junction itself, followed by a long one at Hadapsar (during which we videographed many trains); it was time for me to return to Mumbai by 22106 Pune Mumbai Indrayani express. For the onward journey; please read Part 1: https://ashwinkumar1989.online/2019/12/03/yielding-to-the-pull-of-the-magnet-yet-again-part-1/

The power for 22106 Indrayani (berthed on Platform 5) was KYN WDP4D 40235 ‘Gaurav’. The train seen on PF6 here is 11041 Mumbai Chennai express; waiting to depart. You can also make out KJM WDP4D 40554 on the right of Indrayani.

17031 CSMT-HYB express pulled into PF4 at 18 14, 1 hour 44 minutes late, behind KYN WDM3D 11390. On PF3 was Pune WDG4D 70623. As I settled into my window seat (track side but facing against the direction of the journey), 11009 Mumbai Pune Sinhagad express arrived on PF6 at 18 32, 8 mins before time, hauled by KYN WCAM2 21867. We left at 18 38 (3 mins late), with the LP blowing a long horn. I saw GZB WAP7 30224 inside the ETS. Outside were DLW-made Ajni WAP7is 37022 and 37028; and BSL WAG5A 23521. We crossed a covered BOXN freight led by NKJ WAG9Hi 32068 on the right. On accelerating from SVJR, we were treated to melodious humming from our WDP4D; as well as occasional honking – the HT horn being just a sharper and louder version of the LT horn.

A WDP4D-headed Utkrisht rake crossed us; probably 11019 CSMT-BBS Konark express. We crawled through Khadki, before accelerating over the Khadki bridge; accompanied by tremendous EMD humming. Then we blasted through Kasarwadi, Pimpri and Chinchwad; accompanied by a lot of humming and honking from our diesel beast, as well as rhythmic clickety clack track sounds 🙂 :

16381 CSMT-CAPE express crossed us at Akurdi; after which we crossed a light ALCO. Meanwhile, I had tomato soup. After ripping through Talegaon, we dropped our pace; only to quickly accelerate to MPS again and thunder through Kanhe. I had a light dinner of 3 Sabudana Vadas. Before Lonavala, 12123 Mumbai Pune Deccan Queen crossed us with its usual WAP7. We pulled into Lonavala at 19 34, 10 mins late; in spite of having covered the last 44 km (from Akurdi) in 33 mins at 80 kmph. You can see how tight this train’s schedule is! 😛 Anyway, as we began our descent of the Bhor Ghats; we crossed 12494 NZM-Pune Darshan express behind a WAP7. At Khandala, the legendary Deccan Odyssey crossed us with its usual ALCO; banked by twin WCAM3s. We then crossed 19420 ADI-MAS express behind a WAP7 after Monkey Hill; the bankers were a WAG7 triplet this time.

I had a brief nap; since I was quite tired after all the railfanning activities of the day. When I opened my eyes, Karjat had arrived at 20 33; 25 mins late. Quite a few people got down here. I spotted a KYN WAG7 triplet of bankers (27408, 27410 and 27395) on the line next to the PF1 line; where 17203 BVC-COA express arrived with APU-fitted KZJ WDM3As 14017 and 16390R. We departed after a halt of 2 mins. After the usual crawl across the points, the WDP4D was soon in its element and we thundered through Bhivpuri Road and Neral; accompanied by melodious honking and track sounds – with resorts having swimming pools adding some colour to the scene 🙂 . There was a slowdown at Shelu home signal; before we accelerated through the station and then zipped through Vangani. Again we lowered our pace slightly at Badlapur home; before accelerating through the station.

Ambernath was skipped at MPS; the LP having his/her finger firmly on the horn button. After rushing through Ulhasnagar, we finally slowed down to almost a crawl at Vithalwadi home; but the honking continued unabated! 😛 There was a stop for clearance at KYN home for just 10-15 seconds. As we approached the junction; to my surprise, 12289 CSMT-NGP Duronto passed through PF2 (used by the DOWN slow locals) behind a DMW-made Ajni WAP7i 39003! We came to a stop on PF7 at 21 15, 25 mins late. A lot of people got down here. On PF5 was 17618 NED-CSMT Tapovan express. 12163 DR-MS ‘Super’ express pulled into PF6 with BSL WAP4 22833. We left after a halt of 2 mins; overtaking Tapovan in the process! 🙂 I noticed that its loco was KYN WCAM2 21880.

As we exited KYN, I observed an Utkrisht rake on PF4 – probably a 25-30 mins late 12111 CSMT-AMI express. Now I understood what had happened before we entered the station; 12289 NGP Duronto had overtaken 12111 through the DOWN slow line – a rare occasion! 🙂 Anyway, we soon accelerated to MPS in a last show of power by our EMD. 17411 CSMT-KOP Mahalaxmi express blasted past us after Dombivli; hauled by its usual EMD. There was another unscheduled stop at Diva home for 2 mins; during which a slow local overtook us. Then an express crossed us behind a WAP7 – probably 12809 CSMT-HWH Mail (via NGP). We had our revenge on the local when it stopped at the station. Pulled into PF6 of Thane at 21 43, 35 mins late. At the same time, 22143 Mumbai Bidar superfast arrived on PF5 with a KYN WDG3A ‘Shakti’.

Thus had ended another eventful journey by the Indrayani; with the punctuality being predictably disappointing on the whole – no matter the moments of brilliance in between. I took a slow local to Vikhroli; whereon I took an auto to reach home by 10 30 pm. This concluded yet another trip to Pune; a very enjoyable one at that – as I had a lot of fun railfanning with my friend Omkar. Well, assuming you all have taken the trouble to read both Parts 1 and 2; I’ll leave you with this as a token of appreciation 🙂 .


Technical Abbreviations

  • LP – Loco Pilot
  • ETS – Electric Loco Trip Shed
  • DLW – Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi (largest diesel engine manufacturer in India; now manufactures electrics as well!)
  • EMD – Electro-motive Diesel (and a modern class of diesel locos)
  • LT – Low Tone
  • HT – High Tone
  • APU – Auxiliary Power Unit (specifically for charging the loco batteries when it is idle)
  • ALCO – American Locomotive Company (and an old class of diesel engines of the 1960s)
  • MPS – Maximum Permissible Speed
  • DMW – Diesel Locomotive Modernization Works, Patiala (serves to extend the service life of Diesel engines and significantly raise the level of their availability; now also produces WAP7s!)

Station Codes

  • KYN – Kalyan
  • KJM – Krishnarajapuram (KR Puram)
  • CSMT – Mumbai CST
  • HYB – Hyderabad
  • GZB – Ghaziabad
  • BSL – Bhusaval
  • NKJ – New Katni Junction
  • BBS – Bhubaneswar
  • CAPE – Kanniyakumari
  • NZM – Hazrat Nizamuddin
  • ADI – Ahmedabad
  • MAS – Chennai Central
  • BVC – Bhavnagar
  • COA – Kakinada Port
  • SVJR – Shivajinagar
  • KZJ – Kazipet
  • NGP – Nagpur
  • NED – Nanded
  • DR – Dadar (Central)
  • MS – Chennai Egmore
  • AMI – Amravati
  • KOP – Kolhapur
  • HWH – Howrah

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