An eventful Saturday Monsoon Outing by Godavari express – Part 2

So, an eventful Saturday monsoon outing had started with my trip by 12117 LTT-MMR Godavari express; starting 7 mins late and getting further delayed by 40 mins along the way – as we came to Kasara, where the suburban services to the lines North-East of Mumbai terminated; and the beautiful Thull ghats began. Before reading further, please refresh yourself with Part 1 – . A WAG7 triplet (the front loco being dead) was attached to our rear, to serve as bankers for our climb up the Ghats. We departed at 17 39, 51 mins late. The scenery was breathtaking, just to begin with! 🙂


There was a PSR of 30 kmph after TGR3. There were 3 viaducts; the first of which was Ehgaon viaduct.

Typical of the scenery were canopies of green – usually forests! 🙂

There was an unscheduled halt at TGR2.

The different shades of green made the scenery even more charming! 😉


Then there was the final Bhima Viaduct over a rather tiny and muddy stream.

We pulled into IGP (PF1) at 18 07, 39 mins late; having made up 12 mins due to slack. 12520 KYQ-LTT AC superfast departed close to 1.5 hours late. Then 12860 Howrah Mumbai Gitanjali express came to PF3 behind SRC WAP4 22743. There was an ER coach in the consist. We departed after a stop of 5 mins. Saw ET WAG5A 23337 near the Trip Shed. We soon started blasting through greenery, overtaking 51423 IGP-MMR shuttle behind a WCAM3 at Ghoti in the process.

We also overtook vehicles on the highway; where I had a glimpse of the Herb Farm. There were a few rainfed ponds before we crossed an express with a shining rake. The UP line branched far away to the right after Padli, and started playing hide-and-seek with us. After Asvali, there was a muddy river in the distant right. Our WAP4 was in its element, and I was loving the blazing run through greenery and trees. 17618 Nanded Mumbai Tapovan express blasted past us with a chocolate brown WCAM2-6P. There was an unexpected unscheduled halt at Lahavit for half a minute, on the mainline. However, we recovered quickly with superb acceleration, followed by equally effective deceleration; as a town appeared on the right – with shepherds leading goat and sheep. Reached Devlali at 18 49, 41 mins late. We had covered the last 45 km in 37 mins at 72.97 kmph; and this was including the unscheduled stop at Lahavit! 🙂 Quite a few people got down during the 2-minute halt.

We then crossed a murky and half-empty Waldevi river before entering Nasik Road (PF1), where there was a CR LHB rake on a siding. The coach almost emptied now, though a few people got in. Another LHB rake (11072 BSB-LTT Kamayani express?) departed towards Mumbai from PF4. Meanwhile, the flush was not working in the Western toilet 😦 . We departed at 19 06,  46 mins late; after a stop of 7 mins.  There was a PSR of 20 kmph on a line branching away to the right – meant for freights perhaps? Another express crossed with a WAP4, as we easily picked up speed from the mainline; before having a rip-roaring run – including crossing the Godavari river (hence this train’s name! 😀 ) and many Eucalyptus trees.

We crossed another WAP4-headed express before Khervadi, and there was another half-empty river before Kasbe Sukene. The frenzied action in the UP line continued, as yet another express ripped past us; before a beautiful river. We arrived at Niphad at 19 27, 44 mins late. The last 31 km had been covered in 21 km; at 88.57 kmph! 🙂 After another 2-min halt, our WAP4 continued to dispel all doubts whatsoever about its prowess; as the next 17 km were dispatched in a mere 12 mins – at 85 kmph! 😀 After a one-minute halt at Lasalgaon; the acceleration was again stupendous! 😉

Unfortunately, it was really dark now; so there was nothing much to see outside the glass window, except for dark shapes indicating trees, buildings etc. We continued to keep a furious space as we blasted through Summit, before slowing down to a crawl as the junction of MMR appeared. Pulled into PF4 at 20 04, 39 mins late. Unfortunately, there was not too much lost time we could recover; owing to the virtually slackless schedule from IGP onwards. Nevertheless, the WAP4 had as usual thrilled me with its brute power and acceleration 🙂 . As I got down, an announcement was made for 12139 Mumbai Nagpur Sevagram express (hot on our heels! 😀 ) to arrive shortly on PF2. Hope you enjoyed this blog! 😉

Technical Terms

LHB – Linke-Hofmann-Busch (a modern French company which manufactures coaches with high speed capability and anti-climb safety features; used in Rajdhanis, Shatabdis , and many Durontos and AC expresses)

PSR – Permanent Speed Restriction

ER – Eastern Railway

CR – Central Railway

TGR – Thull Ghat Reversing Cabin (Serves as brake testing halt for downhill trains)

Station Codes

LTT – Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (Kurla Terminus)

MMR – Manmad

KYQ – Kamakhya

SRC – Santragachchi

ET – Itarsi

IGP – Igatpuri

BSB – Varanasi

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