Anatomy of a chat: What is wrong with Indian men? – Part 2

Here I am, to continue my rant about the bewildering attitude of the savarna liberal elite; especially men – continuing from where I left out – the response to Bollywood actress Vidya Balan speaking about sexual harassment, involving an Army Jawan staring at her breasts .


Asit Misra, the OP who brazenly admitted to staring at women’s breasts (being married and WITH DAUGHTERS) and defending it; STILL continues his misogynist rant – accusing Vidya of cheap publicity and “dragging feminism along with her” – as though this guy knows a lot about feminism in the first place! Payal Ghosh very patiently explains why Vidya was right in speaking about it and educating others, and that she DID give the soldier a tongue lashing; as well as her own experience of being ogled at and confronting them. What astonishes me is why Payal didn’t give ASIT MISRA a tongue lashing (online) !! Cheapo guy tries to cover up for his actions by saying “I agree with you”, “Somehow it didn’t strike me that way” etc etc. BULLSHIT! Even now you are blaming Vidya Balan of “not waiting till the release of next movie” to share this experience. Well is there such a thing as TIMING to speak about sexual harassment? This guy is nuts!


“Perhaps I was being too churlish in my assessment of the whole thing” – Asit, for fuck’s sake; stop arguing after you know you’ve fucked up; just admit it and get it done with! “Somehow the crybaby version of feminism makes my skin crawl” – Do you first of all know WHAT FEMINISM STANDS FOR? Obviously it will make your skin crawl, as we will call out closeted misogynists like you! “Stand tall and strong” – What was Vidya doing then, if not standing tall and strong? For Hell’s sake, she clearly reprimanded the Army Jawan and questioned his actions, and spoke out in order to educate people! It’s a testament to how rape culture is internalized, that Asit feels that complaining about being harassed is like “playing victim”.

“But is there anything offensive about what I say” – Congratulations for making the world’s best understatement! You are a father of daughters and you don’t even understand that what you have said is vile? “Forcing a patriarchal version of what feminism should be” – Seriously I give up. You are a patriarch and you are trying to mansplain about feminism to a woman? What Payal says should be an eye-opener to most men – look in the mirror. You can’t stand a woman staring at you; so don’t stare at women. Also “it’s rarely about admiration and more about “kya kar legi? Haath to nahi lagaya” Not just touching, ogling also comes under sexual harassment. What is worse is that the staring is more about daring the woman to do something (in defiance) and not due to admiration. That’s rape culture for you.


Ashvini Kumar Saxena again compares reel life with real life, equating Vidya Balan’s being ogled at by the Army Jawan to actress Taapsee Pannu doing David Dhawan’s movies. “For money, dignity and feminism can go to trash” Yet another predictable feminism basher. Same with Javed Yar Khan “She should not do this in virtual world too if she is not ok with this in real world” How the fuck is staring at a character on screen the same as invading her privacy and violating her dignity by staring at her in REAL LIFE? Does the film character know that you are watching her? And seriously we are fed stereotypes of men being more logical than women. Is this the logic?


Indra Kumar Saggi says “nothing wrong” in men gazing at women’s cleavage just because “it is the commonest gaze”. Wow seriously wow – pathetic attempt at chivalry ends up as misogyny. He goes on to call Vidya hypocritical, comparing the Army Jawan ogling her with admiration of Khajuraho’s copulating statues – again real life women with statues! Where is the logic in Indian men?

Anyway, I am done with my rant. The half-baked logic of the savarna liberal men amazes me. They claim to be chivalrous but their masks fall off and their closet misogyny is exposed for all to see. This is why rape culture persists in India. I am naming and shaming these idiots, so that people (especially women) are aware of whom to avoid, and keep a ten-foot pole distance from. PLEASE READ AND SHARE!!

Share your views please ! :)

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